Vlad Fejer, Presedinte AIESEC

"I believe that education is the foundation of building a healthy and perfomant society. I salute the iniative of the "Dinu Patriciu" Foundation to award the projects and iniative that take an active role in education young people in Romania. I am certain that iniatives like this one will contribute to further extending similar projects or developing new ones to support an area which is crucial for building our society. Further more I believe education needs funding and is an investement that is always profitable with a long term return of investment.

I am honored as a representative of the biggest youth global organisation to take part in this iniative as I feel it identifies with our values of striving for excellence and activating leadership among young people. I am certain that this iniative will created the needed momentum to encourage other iniatives in the field of education and contribute to a better society."


At this moment Vlad Fejer is the President of AIESEC in ROMANIA, the national chapter of the biggest youth organization in the world. His job is focused around coordinating and supporting  the 13 local chapters in the major university centers of ROMANIA. The local chapters count together 1270 members and run annually over 100 projects with an impact of over 50.000 students, 267 companies and countless other stakeholders.

During 2008 – 2009  he was president of AIESEC Cluj-Napoca one of the 13 local chapters coordinating an organization with over 130 members, running over 15 projects during the entire year. His job responsibilities included managing the organization activities and coordinating the 7 people managerial team.

Between 2007 – 2008 he was vice – president sales in AIESEC Cluj Napoca, coordinating a team of 18 people to cover the budget of 30.000 euros in the organization. Main activities revolved around team management, account management and sales related activities.

He is a graduate of the "Babes – Bolyai"  University in Cluj – Napoca majoring in Finance and Banking.